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Medman plus d.o.o., your trusted partner for auditing, taxation, accounting, cost accounting, transfer pricing studies, investment projects development and foreign investments

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Medman plus

Medman plus d.o.o., your trusted partner for auditing, accounting, taxation, economic valuation, transfer pricing studies, investment projects development and foreign investments. We offer a wide range of services to help you solve complex financial issues and achieve your business goals. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in working with clients in a variety of industries, from small start-ups to large corporations. We believe that every business is unique, which is why we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our vision

Together, we create added value through a reliable and efficient approach in auditing, tax consulting, accounting, economic value assessments, preparation of transfer pricing studies, investment projects development and foreign investments

Licence of the Approved Auditing Society issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance No. 9071090220

Entered in the register of bookkeeping service providers under the Federal Ministry of Finance, Decision No.04-11-2-6-1620/22


We offer professional services

Through professional services in the field of finance, auditing, accounting, taxes and investment projects development and foreign investments the Medman plus d.o.o. team creates added value for clients.

We create added value together



Our auditing company provides audit services of financial statements in accordance with international auditing standards – MrevS (International Standards on Auditing – ISA) and in accordance with local legislation.
Our team provides value-added services for our partners with a full trust of all interested parties.
In addition to financial statement audits, we also do project audits, status change audits, as well as other forms of audit depending on the needs of our partners.



Transfer pricing methodologies in Bosnia and Herzegovina are based on transfer pricing in accordance with OECD guidelines. The tax framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and FBIH as RS, imposes an obligation as well as a deadline for the preparation of a study on transfer prices.
Our Team provides transfer pricing study services in accordance with local legislation and OECD guidelines.


Estimating the economic value determines the accounting, market, compensable, current, fair, replacement, liquidation and/or business value of the Company’s assets, capital and liabilities.
An authorized appraiser approaches each assessment individually and professionally, forming expert teams in accordance with the requirements and specifics of the assessment in the fields of: electrical engineering, energy, geodesy, geology, IT technology, mining, traffic, forestry, as well as architectural, construction, mechanical, medical and agricultural profession, as well as other professionals.



The basic mission and goal of the accounting department is to provide companies with complete service as well as support for their business activities.
Our team offers a range of accounting services, including:
• posting of incoming and outgoing invoices and preparation of the VAT declaration
. Balance accounts of customers and suppliers
• keeping records of intangible and tangible assets (fixed assets)
• Calculation of wages and benefits with all accompanying reports
. Calculation of work contracts, copyright contracts, etc.
• Statistical reports
• Annual financial reports
• income tax report




Through tax consulting, we strive to provide our clients with security and efficiency as much as possible through optimal tax solutions.
The tax consulting team consists of a young team of employees who, with their knowledge, talent, enthusiasm and dedication, do everything so that you feel safe with us and that you do not have to worry about legal regulations, but rather to focus on making profit and growing your company.

Investment projects developing

Investment projects and applications for non-refundable funds constitute a significant portion of investments in new ventures. Through our experience and dedication, we will enable the realization of your ideas.

Developing investment projects and applications for non-refundable funds is often a key factor in implementing an entrepreneurial venture or securing initial capital for your business. We are ready to offer you our extensive experience in this field to collaboratively bring your business idea to life and create a better business environment for all stakeholders involved.


Foreign investments

You want to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With us, you will get all the necessary information for your final decision.

If you plan to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina and have uncertainties, feel free to contact us so that we can share our experience with you regarding foreign investments.

Our services include:

  • legal services related to company registration
  • tax services related to corporate income tax, VAT, labor relations,
  • accounting services
  • and administrative services


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Our professional team

Krešimir Perić




Marko Perić


Degree in economics, certified accountant and certified auditor



Filip Lončar


Master of Economics, certified accountant and certified auditor



Danijel Grabovac

Collaborator for legal matters

Graduated lawyer and attorney
Law firm Grabovac-Vegar



Dr.sc. Dragan Gabrić

Authorized Appraiser
“External collaborator for
economic value assessments